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Abdi Borii

Tomorrow's Hope

Abdi Borii is all about children. It is a service provided by Here4Them for the poorest of the poor to brighten their future. When first in Ethiopia, we noticed the plight of the street children and orphans. Since there seemed no way out of their situation, a group of us organized a way to provide hot lunches, school supplies, and more. Moti Teferi named the project “Abdi Borii” which means tomorrow’s hope, since these children will bring hope and a future to their communities. Now Abdi Borii daily assists 90+ children, operating the program 365 days a year since 2009.

The services that are provided are; a daily hot meal, school uniforms which are required in order to attend, tutoring, basic medical needs, clothes and shoes. The students are given a choice as to whether they want to be sponsored to attend the Adventist Mission School or to attend the local public school. All but a few have chosen to attend the Adventist Mission School. Also, periodically foam mattresses are provided to the children.


$30.00 per month will supply all these resources to one child! 

To help Abdi Borii children click the donate button! 

One of Abdi Borii's success!

More Of Their Story

Ten from the Abdi Borii program have graduated from universities and technical schools with degrees and certifications that help themselves, their families, and their communities.  Nine of the graduates are employed which is excellent in a place that has high unemployment of 19.1% (2018).

The Abdi Borii program along with the Dandii Aster program strives to improve the lives of the orphans and at-risk children of Gimbie. With Mimi as director, and Feyisa, her husband, God’s work of redemption for these young people is being fulfilled. (See Isaiah 58) Mimi now is having a weekly Bible study with children from the Abdi Borii program.

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