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Donation Policy

This is the policy that Here4Them, Inc. uses when handling monies donated to Here4Them.

100% of all donations received by Here4Them will be spent on the project the donor specified at the time the donation was made. When a project is 100% complete and there are funds remaining in that project's account, the funds remaining may may be transferred to another Here4Them project of similar scope that is in need of funds. Project funds will never be transferred to or used for administrative or overhead purposes. 

We will handle all donated funds with the beneficiary’s need as the greatest determining factor as to how and when the funds are distributed.

All purchases made by Here4Them for a project will be done in a manner as to assure that the best possible prices for products and material are obtained. Payment of wages for labor are fair and reasonable for that locale. Remember project funds are never used for salary or expenses of the Here4Them team.

Donations paid by credit card or PayPal have a small processing fee deducted from each donation before the money is transferred to Here4Them from the processor. If you send us your donation by check, an approximate 2.8% processing fee by PayPal is avoided.

In a timely manner residents of the United States will receive a contribution statement for tax deduction purposes.

Date of this Policy: August 16, 2013.

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