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A thank you letter from Lalisee

We want to share part of the story about Lalisee. She has been helped by the Abdi Bori Children Services for six years. 

Lalisee wrote a letter in her native language and we had it translated to English. We want to share it here for the faithful supporters of Abdi Borii to read. When Lalisee gave this letter she was very emotional. She was extremely thankful for the help provided by Abdi Borii. 

Following is the letter from Lalisee.

My name is Lalisee Tamasgeen. First, I wanted to start by thanking God for keeping you all safe. Also wanted to thank you for the support you have selflessly provided me over the last six years through Abdi Borii. I am so delighted that I get this opportunity to thank you.
As I mentioned above, I have been supported by this organization from 8th grade to 10 +4; for a total of six years. (She competed a two year course in computer and office skills at a local technical collage) I received this support starting in 2011. This support came in different forms;

1. When I did not have clothing, I was clothed.
2. My food was provided in full.
3. I was provided with tutorship when needed.
4. I have received tremendous amount of advice and mentorship.
5. When I get sick, my healthcare was fully covered.

For all of these support, I cannot thank you enough. Of all aforementioned support, there are few that have specially changed my life;

1. Regarding my health – with God’s guidance ,I can say I am alive because of the medical care you provided me. As you may recall, I have been sick. It is because God’s love and mercy combined with your generosity that I am even alive today.
2. My education – If not for your support I would not even be a candidate to pursue any opportunity. My mother is weak with disease, and she would have not been able to provide me any support. Thus, my life without your support would have been nothing. But thank God for bringing you into my life, Today I can claim a success story.
3. The Advise – From staff members to teachers, everyone at this organization had been like my own family. I can say I have a mother, father, brother, and sisters among this staff. Their advice have changed my life for the better. I thank God for them.

To conclude, what Abdi Borii provided me was more than the materials. It gave me a sense of belonging. It opened up a world of opportunities. Because of Abdi Borii, I have not only completed a Diploma but I am now employed (at a government office) and can provide for myself and family. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

From your child Lalisee Tamasgeen

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