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See the "Projects" menu for more info of present and past activities.

Medical evangelism and humanitarian aid is what we do!

Here4Them Home
The Here4Them home in Ethiopia where Abdi Borii and Dandii Aster services are provided.

Below are links to our projects that are currently active. For several years there has been civil unrest in Ethiopia so we have not been able to do some of our usual activities.

Abdi Borii Children's Services

Visit the Abdi Borii Page to learn more about how you can help this program that is providing much needed help to more than 75 Ethiopian children seven days a week. Your help is needed to continue this assistance during these difficult times in Ethiopia. Here4Them is helping families that have been having only one meal per day.

Abdi Borii Services
Dandii Aster Women and Girls Services 
Bibles & Evangelism

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Below is a photo of one of the young men that was helped by the Abdi Borii project. He has graduated from college with a degree in Accounting and now is employed at a bank.


“There are no heroes, just those that choose to be servants.” ― Ricky Maye,

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